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Located in the heart of San Diego, California, Jason Wood stands as a beacon of hope for veterans and military families seeking to lay down their roots. Known popularly as “The VA Loan Guy”, Jason is more than just a lender; he’s a friend, an advocate, and a trusted partner in the home-buying process.

Dedicated to serving those who’ve served our country, Jason specializes in VA Home Loans, understanding the unique needs and situations of our military personnel. With years of experience and a profound understanding of the intricacies involved in VA financing, he ensures that veterans receive the benefits and financial opportunities they’ve rightfully earned.

Jason Wood

Salina Imoto, a cornerstone figure in our San Diego office, plays an indispensable role alongside Jason Wood, the renowned “VA Loan Guy.” Salina is not just an employee; she’s the force that keeps the gears of our office turning smoothly and efficiently.

Bringing a wealth of knowledge and a meticulous eye for detail, Salina manages the crucial tasks of handling the loan pipeline and overseeing loan processing. Her commitment ensures that every application gets the attention it deserves, making the home financing journey seamless for our veterans and military families.

Salina Imoto

VA Purchase Loan

This type of loan helps veterans, active-duty service members, and certain members of the National Guard and Reserves purchase homes at competitive interest rates and often without requiring a down payment or private mortgage insurance.

VA Streamline (IRRRL)

The Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan, also known as IRRRL, is intended for homeowners who already have a VA loan and wish to refinance to a lower interest rate, thereby reducing their monthly mortgage payment.

VA Cash-out Refinance loan

This loan allows VA borrowers to refinance their current mortgage, whether it's a VA or non-VA loan, and take out cash from their home equity.

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Meet Jason Wood: Your VA Loan Specialist

Discover the journey and dedication of Jason Wood, a beacon of support and expertise in the realm of VA loans. As an Air Force Veteran, he embodies a profound commitment to serving the military community. With roots grounded deeply in the mortgage sector since 2001, Jason transitioned to San Diego in 2011 to escalate his promising career further.

Throughout his illustrious tenure, Jason has facilitated home financing for over 2,000 families, earning recognition as a nationally acclaimed VA Loan expert. His expertise and dedication were highlighted when he graced the prestigious lists of the Scotsman Guide and Mortgage Originators Magazine as one of the leading military loan originators consecutively in 2020, 2021, and 2022.

Professional Engagements

Jason extends his knowledge and guidance as a certified instructor at the Military Mortgage Bootcamp. Here, he imparts wisdom about the advantages of VA loans to both military personnel and the real estate community. As a visionary, Jason established the Armed & Ready Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to advancing financial education amongst the active duty military ranks.

Embarking further into sharing knowledge, he hosts the “Armed & Ready Podcast” and has made notable appearances on CNBC, steering the segment “Financing the American Dream San Diego.”

Affiliations and Entrepreneurship

Jason holds prominent memberships with organizations such as the DAV, NCOA, and the American Legion, reflecting his deep connection with the military community. Additionally, he is a proud proprietor at the American Mortgage Network (AmNet ESOP).

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Embrace a seamless home buying experience with Jason Wood, your trusted mortgage broker and VA Loan specialist in San Diego and San Marcos. Connect with us to embark on a journey towards your dream home without the usual stress and fears.

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