About Jason Wood The VA Loan Guy

Hello there! I’m Jason Wood, widely recognized as the “VA Loan Guy” on the internet. Welcome to my little corner where I’m dedicated to serving the brave men and women of our nation – just like I once served.

As a proud USA Air Force veteran, I took it upon myself to continue serving my community, this time by spearheading their journeys to home ownership. As a National Mortgage Loan Officer specializing in VA Mortgage Loans, I’m here to extend a hand to my fellow Veterans and active-duty military personnel.

My journey didn’t just stop at the end of my service tenure; it took a more rewarding turn. With the profound experience and understanding I garnered over the years, I embarked on a mission to educate Veterans, active duty personnel, military spouses, and realtors about the opportunities and benefits that VA Home Loans offer.

The Journey with American Mortgage Network

Joining the American Mortgage Network was a milestone in my mission. We stand as a pillar in the VA lending community, being a national VA lender with accolades that speak volumes about our commitment and quality service. I’m incredibly proud to be part of a team that was voted as the Best VA Lender in 2020 and recognized as one of the Best Companies to Work For in 2022 & 2023. Our specialization in VA Mortgage Home Loans enables us to craft tailored solutions for our esteemed clientele.

What I Bring to the Table

With a deep-seated passion for education and empowerment, I leverage my expertise to guide you through the home loan process with ease. I’m here to demystify the intricacies of VA Home Loans, ensuring you step into your dream home with confidence and a clear understanding.

My vision transcends beyond mere transactions. I’m here to build lasting relationships, anchored on trust, respect, and a mutual desire to honor the sacrifices made by our military personnel.

Connect with The VA Loan Guy

I welcome you to explore VALoanGuyUSA.com, where I have crafted a reservoir of resources and insights to aid your home-ownership journey. Connect with me to experience a service that is not just professional, but personal, because to me, you’re not just a client – you’re family.

Journey to Service and Excellence

Born from the commitment and discipline of the Air Force, Jason Wood is not just a veteran; he is a beacon of dedication, integrity, and service. His journey, seeded in the military, has blossomed into a passion-driven career that stands as a testament to his unwavering commitment to serve the military community.

Mortgage Mastery

Launching his voyage into the mortgage sector in 2001, Jason swiftly positioned himself as a figure of trust and expertise. His relocation to San Diego a decade later in 2011 marked a strategic move to enhance his footprint and serve the community with unparalleled vigor. Over 2,000 families have found their dream homes and financial stability through Jason’s meticulous guidance.

Accolades and Honors

His prowess hasn’t gone unnoticed. Nationally recognized in the Scotsman Guide as a VA Loan Expert, Jason’s name consistently graced the lists of top Military Loan Originators in 2020, 2021, and 2022 by Mortgage Originators Magazine. Such accolades are a testament not just to his expertise, but to the heart and dedication he pours into every case.

Education and Empowerment

Jason’s mission goes beyond loan origination. As a certified instructor with the Military Mortgage Bootcamp, he passionately educates both the military and the realtor community on the profound benefits of VA loans.

Service Beyond Business

It’s not just business for Jason. With a soul devoted to service, he founded and presides over The Armed & Ready Foundation. This non-profit shines a light on financial education, providing invaluable insights to our active duty military, ensuring they are armed with knowledge and ready for the future.

A Voice for the Community

Lending his voice and insights, Jason hosts the Armed & Ready Podcast. Furthermore, his expertise has been showcased on CNBC, where he championed the cause of Financing the American Dream in San Diego.

Memberships and Ownership

Jason’s commitment to the community is reflected in his memberships with esteemed organizations like the DAV, NCOA, and the American Legion. Additionally, his strategic acumen is evident as an owner of the American Mortgage Network (AmNet ESOP).

At the heart of VALoanGuyUSA.com is Jason Wood’s spirit – a spirit forged in the crucibles of the Air Force and honed through decades in the mortgage industry. Here, you’re not just finding a VA loan expert; you’re aligning with a dedicated advocate who understands the military ethos and is driven to serve you with the same level of commitment with which you’ve served our nation.

Let’s walk this path together. Welcome home, hero!

Jason Wood, Your VA Loan Guy

Our Story

A Service-Driven Genesis

The tale of VALoanGuyUSA.com isn’t just about a website; it’s about a promise – a promise to serve those who’ve served us. Rooted in Jason Wood’s own history as an Air Force Veteran, our inception is the culmination of a passion to extend support to the military community. Jason’s own journey, rich with discipline and commitment, set the stage for what VALoanGuyUSA.com stands for today.

From Passion to Profession

As Jason delved into the mortgage industry in 2001, the vision for VALoanGuyUSA.com began to take shape. With the recognition that veterans and service members needed a dedicated platform to understand, access, and benefit from VA Loans, the seed of our platform was sown. A decade later, in the heart of San Diego, that vision blossomed into a robust reality.

Two Decades of Dedication

Over the past two decades, we’ve been a cornerstone for over 2,000 families, guiding them towards financial stability and homeownership. We pride ourselves on being more than just a service – we are a partner. Every accolade, recognition, and testimonial has been a testament to our relentless commitment.

Empowerment through Education

But our mission extends beyond financial guidance. Recognizing the power of knowledge, we’ve entrenched ourselves in the world of education. Through partnerships with platforms like the Military Mortgage Bootcamp, we empower our military and realtor community, ensuring they make informed decisions.

Community at Our Core

For us, it’s not merely about business. With initiatives like The Armed & Ready Foundation, we aim to equip our active duty military with financial education. Our engagement with esteemed organizations and our active presence in various mediums showcases our dedication to building a community.

Looking Ahead

As we reflect on our journey, we’re filled with gratitude for the trust the community has placed in us. But we also look forward with anticipation. The story of VALoanGuyUSA.com is still being written, and as we pen each new chapter, our commitment to service, excellence, and community only grows stronger.

Jason Wood The VA Loan Guy